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The feature is called Create A System Image, and it’s pretty easy to use, as long you do so before a problem occurs. Click the Start button, select Control Panel, choose System And Security, and click Backup And Restore. Click The Create A System Image link and Windows will bring up a window from which you can select the media on which to store the backup. Your options will include On A Hard Disk (if you have another hard drive or external drive connected to your computer), On One Or More DVDs (typically, you’ll need multiple DVDs to back up all the files on your computer), and On A Network Location (available if you have a local server or network storage device).

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Here, we’ll examine a few common problems and provide you with solutions to help you resolve the issues.

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To recover your computer, you’ll first need to configure the computer’s BIOS (basic input/ output system) to boot to the optical drive. Typically, changing the BIOS involves pressing the DELETE key or one of the function keys along the top of your keyboard. The splash screen that pops up when your computer first boots will indicate the key you should press to enter the BIOS. Once inside the BIOS, find the area where you can change the order that the BIOS searches when trying to load the OS. It may be labeled Boot Sequence or something similar. Move the CD-ROM drive or optical drive listing to the top of the list. Next, arrow over to the Save Changes And Exit (or similar) option and press ENTER on your keyboard. Next, load the System Repair Disc into the optical drive and restart the PC.

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