10 Amazing Whatsapp Tricks Every User Should Know

whatsapp tricks

I think it doesn’t matter how many messaging apps are available in PlayStore.  No one can replace Whatsapp. Now Whatsapp has become an important part of everyone’s life. In today’s time, people love Whatsapp because of its simple interface. Whatsapp is the first messaging app which comes in your mind when you wants to connect or chat with anyone. Chatting on Whatsapp is a comfortable for everyone just open the app, then open contact and type the message. That’s it.

Everyone knows about the Whatsapp basic features, but you might not know the advanced features. If you want to use Whatsapp advanced features you should read this post. “And then here are the 10 Amazing Whatsapp tricks every user should know.

1. Want to Know when your messages are read:

When your message has been appearing with blue ticks without reply that situation is very annoying. If you ever want to know the exact timing when your message has been delivered or read.

check who has read mesaage

So check the sent message details, just hold on sent message and then click on the info icon (i) at the top of the chat. You can see all details of your sent message. You can also see message details in a group chat.

2. Protect your Whatsapp from getting hacked:

Security is the most important thing in Whatsapp and no one wants their personal messages can read by someone. How you can check your Whatsapp is secure or not?

Your Whatsapp messages are not read by somebody. There is a Whatsapp web option available in Whatsapp. Where you can check devices list. Just click on three dot option at the top of the right side. Select a Whatsapp web option and check how many devices or other users use your Whatsapp.

secure your whatsapp

If your code is not scanned by someone you will see a scanner in this option that means your code is not scanned by anyone. Your Whatsapp is safe. If you see any device name that means your Whatsapp code is scanned by someone and your Whatsapp is used by someone.

Just log out from all devices your Whatsapp will be secure. And if someone wants to use your Whatsapp they should scan again.

In this way, you can keep your Whatsapp secure.

3. Stop automatic photos or videos download in your phone’s gallery:

If you do not want to waste your mobile data so you have to stop automatic photos and videos downloading in your phone gallery.

Many photos which are sent by your friends and groups which are not useful for you are getting downloaded by default in your phone and it consumes a lot of your mobile data. Do only one setting and after that, you can download photos or videos which you want.

Just go to Settings->data usage->media auto-download

stop media download

Then uncheck the options and turn off the media download.

4. Set full-size profile photo without cropping:

Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to set full-size profile photo in your profile And many times our photos are cut off when we start cropping. But I have a solution for this. You can use the #Squaredroid photo app. Just install from PlayStore. Which picture you want to use for your profile pic. Just set the picture in the app and after upload that picture as your profile pic. You do not need to crop the picture anymore.

set full size dp

5. Find new groups for Whatsapp:

If you interested to explore more on Whatsapp. Want to make new friends?

You can find different groups for Whatsapp all over the world. You can join them by sending a join group request. But joining a group is an easy task.

join whatsapp groups

The problem arises, how do you find different category groups? Because WHATSAPP does not offer such a feature to find groups. Don’t worry, you can easily find different groups in the Group for Whatsapp app. Just install the app from play store and you will see many categories in this app. Join any group which you want and explore more.

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6. Use multiple Whatsapp accounts:

If you are facing spam messages or group messages problem on Whatsapp you want to use the other Whatsapp account for personal use and office work.

use two whatsapp accounts

If you have a dual SIM phone you can easily use two Whatsapp account in one phone with third party app. It makes the balance between in your daily life. You have to install Parallel Space app from Play Store. With the help of this app, you can use multiple Whatsapp accounts. You will get separate notifications of both the accounts. Enjoy two Whatsapp accounts on one phone.

7. Hide chats from conversation list:

If you do not lock your Whatsapp chat. You don’t want anyone to read your personal chat. Just hide it with archive feature. Then no one can see your chat history and chat will not be deleted you can unarchive anytime when you want.

hide conversation from chat list

Just long press on the conversation and click on the archive button at the top. That’s it your personal chat will no longer appear in conversation list.

8. Change app language:

This is a very important feature of Whatsapp. Because without language you can’t communicate with anyone. You can set your specific regional language. By default language is English, but you can change language which you want, just start with the Settings->Chats->App language and select the language.

change app language

9. Backup Conversation to email:

You can take backup of your conversation to email. This is a Whatsapp backup way to save your conversation. Just open the chat which you want to send to email. Click on three dot button at the top of the right side then go to More->email chat.

send chat to email

Then it will ask you with media or without media. Select option as you need. After selecting the option just select Gmail option and send all the chat to email.

10. Use Whatsapp on the computer:

If you want to use Whatsapp on the big screen. You can use Whatsapp on the computer with Whatsapp web. Just go to https://web.whatsapp.com/. After that in your phone open the Whatsapp. Simply click on three dot button and select Whatsapp web option and scan the QR code on PC. Your Whatsapp will be shown on your computer.

use whatsapp on computer

I hope you like these Whatsapp tricks. Now use Whatsapp with these tricks. If you have any ideas regarding these tricks let us know in the comment section.

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