Turn on Flashlight Instantly on your Phone with one of these 3 Ways

Turn on Flashlight


We often use a Flashlight when we need it. But sometimes you need a Flashlight in an emergency and sometimes opening a flashlight is not as easy as you think. Because first, you have to open your unlocked phone, then you will have to open the app and then you can use a Flashlight. So what do you think how you can use the Flashlight, instantly in an emergency as a torch. So today I will show you in this post how you can Turn on Flashlight, instantly by shaking the phone, with volume button and with voice command. You can turn on Flashlight with just one click there are 3 possible ways which you can learn in this post.

Turn on Flashlight instantly on your phone

 1.Turn on Flashlight with Shaking your phone:

If you do not want to use any hardware button to quickly open the Flashlight. Well, this is possible with Shaking Flashlight app. You can turn on Flashlight by only shaking your phone. You can also turn off the Flashlight by shaking your phone even when the screen is off. This is the fastest method to turn on the Flashlight. Simply shake your device to turn on flashlight. Just install Shake Flashlight app from play store.

shake flashlight app

2.Turn on Flashlight with Volume Button :

This is also a fast and innovative way to turn on the Flashlight. This app makes you realize that you are using a handy torch with hardware button. To do this, install the Torchie app from play store and just enable the torch option. After that, You can turn on Flashlight just press both volume buttons simultaneously (with the screen off or on). You can also turn off Flashlight with the same method.

enable torchie app

3.Turn on Flashlight with Google Now:

If your phone is running Android 5.0 or higher so you can use ok google feature to turn on the flashlight. Android has an inbuilt voice feature that is called Google Now. Just open voice search feature and say “Ok Google Turn On Flashlight”. The Flashlight will turn on. You can also turn off the flashlight to say “Ok Google Turn off Flashlight”.

ok google turn on flashlight

I hope you like these 3 ways to turn on flashlight instantly on your phone. Let me know in the comments which method you most like and which method you are going to use.

About the Author: Pooja Middha

Pooja Middha is the Founder and the Author of "NextLogic". She has a lot of interest in exploring and sharing hidden or unknown tricks and facts about Technology.

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