How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

stop autoplay videos on facebook

Nowadays watching videos on social sites has become a trend and no one wants to miss any video. Just like you do not want to miss any of your videos, social sites also do not want to miss any of your videos. That’s why all major social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other social site have set up Autoplay on videos.

But you don’t think so it is very annoying When we are usually checking our social feeds And suddenly a video starts playing and the sound starts coming. It is even more frustrating when we are at work and in the office and the video starts automatically. Is it just the only reason to disable Autoplay videos feature on your social sites?

Another reason to disable the Autoplay video feature is to save your mobile data. And I strongly believe this is the major reason because our social media apps are consuming more data with Autoplay videos. By turning off Autoplay video you can save a lot of your data which was going waste.

And the best part is that every social site has given us the option to disable the Autoplay feature. Here you can read the steps “How to stop autoplay videos on Facebook and other social sites”.

How to stop Autoplay videos on Facebook web

Facebook has given us a very easy way to stop Autoplay videos. After doing this, your video will play with your own wish.

1. Go to and open your account, then go to “Settings”.

click on settings

2. In settings just go to “Videos” option and click on it. Then you can see Autoplay turn off option.

turn off autoplay videos

Turn off Autoplay videos on Facebook Android app

1. Just open the app and click on three “horizontal lines”.

2. Then select “App Settings” and click on it.

turn offff autoplay in facebook app


3. After that, you will see the Autoplay option and then click on it and select “never autoplay option”. That’s it.

How to stop autoplay videos on Twitter web

In Twitter it is very easy to do:

1. Just open your Twitter account in the browser and then go to your profile and click on “settings and privacy” option.

go to settings and privaacy

2. After that, you will see many options just scroll down and then you will see the content column just untick the “video autoplay.”

untick the video autoplay

Videos will no longer play automatically.


How to stop autoplay videos on YouTube

Just open YouTube and you will see autoplay turn off option at the top of the right side, just turn it off.

stop autoplay on youtube

I think now autoplay videos will not irritate you more. Just do this all settings and you will free from autoplay videos. If you like this article just share it. And if you have any questions regarding this post. Feel free to comment below.

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