Download YouTube videos directly from YouTube (hidden method)

YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos by default. Many users want to download YouTube videos directly from YouTube.

But because of YouTube limitation, they can’t download videos because you can only watch the videos, but you can’t save it to your phone gallery or laptop.

Well, YouTube provides you offline save video feature, but sometimes we want to save our favorite videos in our mobile and Laptop or PC.

I also like to watch videos on YouTube and many times I download my favorite video from YouTube. Today I will tell you my favorite and easiest method to download videos without any software and directly from YouTube. So if you want to download your favorite videos on your PC and phone then go for this method:

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How to download YouTube videos

Step: 1 If you want to download video on your mobile or PC you have to open chrome browser or Mozilla FireFox. Then open

Step 2: Just play your favorite video which you want to download.

Step3: As you can see the URL of the video at the at the top of the browser.

Step 3: After that just add “ss” before



Step4: After adding “ss” in the URL just press the enter button and you will be redirected to


Then you can select any format of the video and click on the download button your video will be downloaded on your PC or mobile. This is the easiest method without any software.

 Convert videos YouTube to mp3 with this trick

You don’t need YouTube mp3 converter to download mp3 from YouTube. Here I will tell you an easy way to download mp3.

Just add “to” in the video URL after YouTube



Then press enter and you will be redirected to Where you can download the mp3 of that video.

I hope you like these both methods I think now it will not be difficult for you to download the videos after knowing this trick.

About the Author: Pooja Middha

Pooja Middha is the Founder and the Author of "NextLogic". She has a lot of interest in exploring and sharing hidden or unknown tricks and facts about Technology.

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